This development of this platform was brought about by a strong demand from stakeholders to have access to a tool that would allow them to link up their respective offers and to create a narrative to develop the attractiveness of their destinations.

Traveller’s network

The co-operative Les oiseaux de passage brings together:

Offers suggested by communities of Hosts who choose cooperation as a means to uncover their destination and provide advice for travellers. > be a host

+ A tool to jointly create and share trips with family, friends, class etc. > Why travel with us?

+Histories, destinations and suggested itineraries shared by the Hosts. > A travel factory

Travel is a great way to make connections!

At the heart of the project.

The platform relies on three principles:

+ Sharing Where others value individualism, Les Oiseaux de Passage chooses community and cooperation.

+ Rediscover the "pleasure of travel" dFrom the initial visit to the platform to the holiday itself, Les Oiseaux de Passage encourages sharing for the rediscovery of the pleasure of exchange and travel.

+ In line with the times : In line with the times, Les Oiseaux de Passage is a collective response to changes in the way we travel and use the web.

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