Become a Host!

Each professional member of the platform is a Host. They are part of a local community centred around a particular area. This community, first and foremost, strives to promote the various offers their community has in store.

Why become a Host?

Join a network of professionals to promote your destination!

+ Services in line with new ways of using the internet:
online reservation and payment, tools for the creation and suggestion of discovery tours, planner, availability, ticketing and programming of activities or events, collaborative tools to jointly host the destination, tools to widely circulate offers over sites and social networks… and many other features are available on the platform.

+ A transparent, fair and economical fee:
each professional chooses the appropriate protocol and benefits directly from the various associated services. They are billed as annual fees in order to guarantee stability, transparency and fairness through cost-sharing, whatever the volume of activity.

+ Networking of different offers:
Hosts can create itineraries and stories to share their offers and talk about their location.

+ An extensive and free circulation of offers on the web:
Les oiseaux de passage allows a wide dissemination of the offers and their capacity to be integrate on other web platforms, travel blogs, social networks or simply on your own website

+ Direct contact between travellers and professionals:
contact between the traveller and the professional is direct in order to facilitate the exchange of information and the choices of each.

+ Interoperability with key accounts:
For a greater impact, the productor's offers are offered directly to members of major social economy accounts— mutuals, cooperatives, associations, business committees or other collective organizations

How to become a Host?

Through a simple three-step process!

1 Approach the network that manages your destinationor access a destination by providing your local network.

An online questionnaire vous permet de présenter l’offre que vous souhaitez proposer à Lesoiseauxdepassage, en accord avec les valeurs partagées par la plateforme.

2 Create your profile and add your offer to the destination among the platform’s five categories: Accommodation/Our Activities/Our Products/Our Tips/Our Holidays

3 Link your offer to those of other Hosts de votre réseau local sous formes d’itinéraires thématiques, géographiques et d’histoires : Nos itinéraires / Nos histoires / Nos destinations.

The offer is then available on the platform and exportable to social networks and other parts of the web, including your site.

The cooperative interest

The cooperative enables professionals to market their offers directly. Since the platform is managed by its users, the collective decision was made to apply to all management and development costs in a simple, transparent and fair manner..

Producer’s fee
Lesoiseauxdepassage ©++++
Uploading creations and tips++++
Itinéraires, histoires et destinations++++
Hébergements individuels++
Collective accommodation+
Holidays and fees+
Monthly membership excluding tax Free0 €9 €18 €50 €

If producers are together part of an association, cooperative or other organisation that handles all subscriptions, they benefit from a fee reduction of 10% (democracy bonus). At the end of a year, the collective can request membership of the cooperative Les Oiseaux de Passage and thus be involved in its development choices.

The Host's flyer

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