Two years of collaborative work and a prototype (Marseille, 2013) have gone into the creation of this innovative platform , which is unique to those that already exist and fully responsive to the evolutions in use and the potential of the web..

Founded in January 2016 by three cooperatives (the story factory Hôtel du Nord, the travel agency Ekitour the fair trade network Minga et 5 associés physiques, Lesoiseauxdepassage est une Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC).

In the cooperative model, the economy is a means, rather than an end.

With this social aspect enshrined in its genes, Lesoiseauxdepassage est ainsi la propriété de ses communautés de professionnels et de ses clients.

Common values

Lesoiseauxdepassage brings together stakeholders in tourism, culture, the social and solidarity economy, public education, local development and the cooperative sphere. They share the same values:

hospitality, cooperation and humanity

Each of our members, more specifically, strives for one or several of the following causes: cultural entitlements; rights to equitable remuneration; rights to social protection; the right to holidays; the free movement of people and the conservation of the environment.

Strength in numbers!

La force de la coopérative Lesoiseauxdepassage est son écosystème. Il réunit une diversité de réseaux locaux et nationaux qui ne cessent de s’agrandir.

A cooperative structure serving a greater efficiency:

+ Mobilising members of the network around the promotion of offers.

+ Coming together to form commercial partnerships with key accounts in the social and solidarity economy and works councils.

+ Making a larger media impression by relying on the quality of our content (blog, social networks, press campaigns, etc.)

+ Attracting the attention of the wider public through a platform with an innovative position, a wide range of offers (on a Euro-Mediterranean scale) and a greater visibility.

Our common frameworks

La coopérative Lesoiseauxdepassage a inscrit dans ses statuts et son activité deux cadres de référence internationaux :

+ The Faro Convention: Framework convention of the Council of Europe on the value of cultural heritage for the Convention).

+ The co-operative principles: : The Statement on the Co-operative Identity, promulgated by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), defines seven cooperative principles (read the principles).

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