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Platform cooperative versus Collaborative economy

The differences/complementarities between the collaborative platform and the cooperative platform in 2 comparative columns. This proposal is the result of our long partecipative process to co define our economic model, our governance, our specifications and our design. Thank to The Copy Team for the translation.

Collaborative tourism platform Cooperative travel platform
Specialized offer Diversity of offers
Review, certification Co-optation, inclusion
Comparison of offers Offers linked together
Commissions Capped subscription
Capture Pooling
Centralized platform Free distribution of content
User profiling Data protection
Intrusive advertising Access to free/open content
Collaborative Cooperative
C2C : consumer-to-consumer H2H : human-to-human
Anonymous Member
Surveillance Co-optation
Individualism Individuality
Competition Cooperation
Classification Qualification
Short-term return on investment Commitment to future generations
Capital-backed corporation Association of people
Speculator User-owner
Listed on the stock exchange Indivisible reserves
Financial interest Collective interest
Closed accounts Published accounts
Tax optimization Local roots
Thirst for world domination Cooperation among cooperatives
Lobbying Public debate
Tourism Hospitality
Service Host by
Value for money Richness of the offer
Prepayment prior to contact Direct communication
Mass tourism Travel
Standardization Otherness
Customer Passengers
Borders Free movement
Tourist attractions Stories to share
Cheaper than the hotel Holidays for all
Review Guestbook
Disruptive Cooperative
Intermediation platform Mutualize
Disruption of society Implementation of human rights
Legal loopholes Rule of Law
Investment funds Democratic debate
Acronym Poetry
Virtual Common
Unicorns & GAFA Oiseaux de passage & the right to travel
Bubble? Tomorrow?

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